The mentorship that has been provided to me has helped and motivated me. At Joy Global, I’ve been privileged to work with great people who have given me the opportunity to grow."

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Matimba Mahange
Director, Sales & Marketing
Steeldale, South Africa

Matimba Mahange - Manufacturing Director

Matimba Mahange and Mentorship Photo

Matimba Mahange and Mentorship

Matimba Collaborating with Parts Inspection

Matimba Mahange and Global Opportunities

Matimba Mahange and co-worker

Matimba Mahange and Operational Excellence

Passionate People
Listen to our people and it's obvious: A passion for what we do. A drive to achieve. Having fun through work, yet being absolutely serious about taking care of our customers -- both external and internal customers. Teamwork. Striving for high performance. Growth.

Matimba Mahange Profile Photo

Matimba Mahange and Mentorship

Jennifer Yan Profile Photo - A Joy Global innovative engineer

Jennifer Yan and Innovation

Jim Haughey Profile Photo

Jim Haughey and Global Experience

Steven Hu Profile Photo

Steven Hu and Personal Growth

Carol Reed Profile Photo

Carol Reed and Job Interest

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